Is posting a Cardiologist resume or profile on your job board free?

Yes.  Always.

How much does posting a job on your job board cost?

Check out our pricing page here.

How is CJO different from other job boards?

There are four types of job boards that service the Cardiology specialty:

  • Big Box boards
    • Have you heard the one when the Baker, the Hairdresser, and the Cardiologist walk into a bar?  No, of course you haven’t, because they don’t belong together in the same bar or on the same job board.
  • General Healthcare boards
    • There are a number of broad Healthcare industry job boards, and they can be a good fit for some people.  But they lack the specialized focus of a cardiology niche board.
  • Faux Cardiology boards
    • There are a few boards out there that advertise that they are cardiology specialty boards, but when you contact them their first question is “what specialty?”  Don’t be conned.  They are simply sub-pages of broad Healthcare boards.  Their only specialty is pretending to be what they aren’t.
  • Cardiology Jobs Only
    • You are a specialist.  So are we.  For Cardiologists that want to work with a true, cardiology jobs only job board, you have found us.
    • We are not affiliated with any other healthcare job boards or specialties.

Do you also provide recruiting services?

Yes. Click here for more information.

FOR CARDIOLOGISTS, we can provide a personalized, exhaustive job search for you at no charge ever.  You merely need to meet our skills and background check requirements.  We utilize our own extensive cardiology-specialized network and extend our reach anywhere and everywhere to identify the perfect fit for you. 

FOR EMPLOYERS, we can provide full contingency or retained recruiting services.  Utilizing our network developed from years of recruiting and also our network from this job board, we can do the broadest and deepest search at very reasonable prices. 

Isn’t that a conflict of interest?

While it is true that if you post job openings on our site our recruiters can see where your job openings are (if you specify location), the same holds true for any job you post on any other job board. The difference is, we want to keep you as a client so we work very hard to avoid any conflict of interest.  We will never knowingly initiate competition with any of our clients.